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Important Dates

Apr 7 Newton League General Meeting
Apr 9 Newton & Neighbours - Senior's Club
Apr 10
Apr 13 Zumba Spring Session Start
May 9 Bingo
May 14 Newton & Neighbours - AGM
Jun 7 Annual General Meeting
All Year Community Swim

Our rink is closed for the season.  Many thanks to Rienk, our Ice Maker and Rink Manager, and Susan, our Volunteer Co-ordinator and all who helped out this winter.

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Welcome to Newton Community League!

The community of Newton is a quiet area just north of Highlands that features tree-lined streets, quaint houses and friendly faces enjoying a walk around the block. Approximately 3,000 people call the area home, and most have put down roots. According to city statistics, more than 65 per cent of Newton's residents have lived in the neighbourhood for more than five years. Newton Community League is committed to achieving a healthy, safe and friendly environment by providing information, programs, support and resources to enhance the sense of community for Newton Residents.

2015 Outdoor Soccer

At this time, Newton will not be having a 2015 soccer program.  If you are interested in coordinating the soccer program, the league and the community children would welcome your participation! Please contact Melissa at president@newtoncl.ca

Four Generations of Newtonians  -  The Rienk Mulder Family

Meet Rienk Mulder - I moved into Newton Community along with my parents and 5 siblings in 1962. We first lived on a little farm on 54 St and 123 Ave.  My parents then bought a house on 55 St. and 120 Ave., which my son now owns.  I met my wife at the Newton Park and we married in 1975.  We purchased a house shortly after we married  which has a wonderful view of the Newton Skating Rink.  Our two children attended St Leo’s School and our son, his wife and our three grandchildren live right down the block from us.  Our grandchildren are the fourth generation on both my wife’s side and my side that lived in the Newton Community. 

Growing up in the neighbourhood I spent my summer’s playing baseball in the Newton School Ground and my winters skating in the Newton Rink.  Now that I am retired I enjoy spending time over at the skating rink, clearing and flooding for the children and future hockey players of our neighbourhood.

Rienk (Rink) Mulder

Rienk is Newton’s rink manager. For the past few years he has faithfully flooded and cleared the ice for the many people who have enjoyed skating here at Newton.. It is volunteers like Rienk that make a difference in a community.  The next time you see him,  be sure to thank Rienk for giving back to the neighbourhood that he and his family call home.

President's Message - Melissa Hanssen

Spring is upon us which also means Newton Community League's Annual General Meeting is as well!
As temperatures begin to rise - your NCL Board of Directors is getting ready to hand over the reigns to a new board! This means we need people to fill these seats! I'm not going to lie - it's a lot of work, but the reward far outweighs all else!

Everything that happens in and around Newton is done by your neighbours and friends - it is done by those you pass on the street, see in the store, and wave to as your drive by. It is done, for the most part, with little to no remuneration. It is done because we love our community and all it offers!
If you think Newton doesn't offer you something have a look at the long list of volunteer run initiatives.

That skating rink we enjoy all winter?

Thank you to Rienk for the countless hours sacrificed to keep the ice immaculate and Susan for your efforts in coordinating the volunteers!

The funds we receive from Alberta Liquor & Gaming - the funds that keep the lights on? the funds that assist with our programs including Green Shack & League Events?

Thank you to Mike for his hard work on organizing our bi-annual casinos and to Pat for ensuring our books comply with AGLC's requirements - not an easy task!

The hall? memberships and it's benefits?

Thank you Bev and Cori for their hard work and years of dedication!

One of our many programs?  Baseball? Senior's Club? Zumba? Preschool?

Take your pick! Kercelyn, Gerry, Joyce, Lori, Nadine, Tony - Thank you for your investment in our community!

The website and newsletter?

Thank you Carol and her tireless effort in keeping us up to date and on track!

Movie nights? BBQs? Skating Party?

Thank you to Lee and the rest of the NCL board for their dedication and man power in pulling these events off!

It's time for a change.
It's time for a new board to share their
ideas, passion and endeavours with our community!

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the AGM!! If you have any questions please come talk to us - we want to share this experience with you!

April 2015 - General Meeting

All residents are invited to attend our monthly general meetings.

April 7, 2015
5520 - 121 Avenue

To suggest an agenda item or make an inquiry, please contact the Newton Community Secretary at secretary@newtoncl.ca

2015 Annual General Meeting

All Newton Community League members and Newton residents are invited to attend our annual general meeting. Come on out, buy a membership and have a say in your neighbourhood!

Sunday, June 7th, 2015
Newton Community Center
5520-121 Avenue

To make an inquiry, please contact the Newton Community Secretary at secretary@newtoncl.ca

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